Puppy Family Pedigree

For the pedigree enthusiasts out there. 

 Our knowledge of the immediate family tree is extensive.  That knowledge goes beyond who is in direct lineage to the dog we are looking at.  We learn about the siblings, the offspring, the half brothers and sisters and meet as many as we can.  That is where the proof can be found, and we focus on the first three generations. We are breeding for a progression of what we have seen in the ancestors:  Strong hunt drives with a determination to pursue even under the most adverse conditions, a desire to bond to handler,  early mental maturity, a bold and positive attitude, willingness to receive training, independent business-like  approach to the task at hand.  Intelligence to know how to use the acute senses of smell, sight and hearing to problem solve in real world applications. A complete lack of belligerence, excessive nervousness or shyness. 

So take a look.  A click on some photos will lead to videos of the dogs.
Appreciate the unique combination of genetics, environment, training, and connection to handler that allowed for some truly great ancestors to shine.

Get to know the close relatives of Freya.

Freya's puppies 
From her first litter: Three have completed IGP1 - Fero de sagucan (A96, B90, C98.) Faruk de sagucan (A95, B94, C96) Falco de sagucan (A96, B93, C96) All are heading to Nationals next year.  Fenix is currently in training with the Spanish Police force.  
Star Wars litter: Rogue is currently working in HRD and well on her way to being certified.  

Yanka vom Fuchsstein
Puppies Maternal Grandmother .  
IPO3, SchH2, SG.  
An excellent female with good nerves and a very hard work ethic.  A culmination of excellent breeding from the Karthago kennels in Germany.
Mother  to Freya and Brando.

Eyk von der schwarzen Irma
Puppies Maternal Grandfather . 
IPO3, SG, Kkl.  His IPO 3 tracking was a perfect 100 points. 
Eyk has a very deep bite, even temperament, very strong in protection work and is a continuation of his father Pike's depth of drive and endurance for work.  Three of his offspring are Police K9's. Freya's Father.

Meet Brandy vom Fuchsstein AKA PSD Brando with the Vancouver Police K9 unit.  This is Freya's half brother from the same mother, Yanka vom Fuchsstein. Freya's three full siblings are all IGP titled.

Here are the close relatives of Tusk.

Chipsy vom Calculatorhof
Puppies Paternal Grandmother.
Meet our very special foundation girl .  BH, AD, Therapy dog, K9 Good Citizen and mother extraordinaire.  She possessed all the stability of temperament, courage of heart, intelligence and kindness one could ever hope for.  Tusk's mother. Click on her photo for her video.

Goran von Haus Klonne
Puppies Paternal Grandfather.
SchH3, FH1, Kkl1, V.  Goran also was a great example of desired traits, "spirited and powerful drives, lots of liveliness,  suitable for preserving the sable color, possess vitality." He had a very strong fighting edge when needed.  Tusk and Hank's father.

Hank aka Hercules v Grunburg 
IPO3, Kkl, V. 
He is Tusk's half brother from the same sire Goran von Haus Klonne. Hank has placed twice in the top 10 at the WUSV (worlds).

Gringo von der Mohnwiese
Belgian Champion, IPO3, SchH3, 2 times WUSV (9th and 23rd place), Kkl1. Tusk's Paternal Grandfather.  This is a dog we look for in a pedigree.  You might get an idea why by clicking on his photo to watch a short video of his work at the worlds.

More pedigree superstars

Pike del Lupo Nero
V, SchH3, SG-BSP, IPO3, Kkl1
Freya's paternal Grandfather.
Pike has come to be considered one of the best producing studs in the world as his highly desirable work traits and temperament have become very apparent in his offspring. Click his photo for a video of him in action.

Falko vom Wolfsblick
BSP Sieger 2007, IPO3, SchH3, V-BSP,
2 times WUSV placing 8 and 16, Kkl1. SG
Tusk's maternal grandfather. This dog is one of our likes.  Breed survey says "Outstandingly pigmented male of absolutely correct size with proven above average performance predisposition". He is son of Falk von den Wolfen (more on him later) and Luna WestfalensproB.  Luna produced 31 offspring, 22 of which are titled in IGP and 18 are IGP3. Click on his photo for his video.

Eon von Karthago
SchH3, Kkl2, G
Freya's Maternal Grandfather.
"Eon is a tough, dominant male.

 In the protection service he captivates by his uncompromising speed, always full and firm grip and very powerful attacks. In everyday activities, Eon has a very balanced, always on-call willingness to work." - Eon's handler/owner. Click his photo for a video of his work.

Falk von den Wolfen
SCHH3, IPO3, 3X SG-BSP (German Nationals), WUSV 6th place, Kkl1 
Breed survey "Outstandingly pigmented male with above-average temperament and pronounced resilience. Suitable for improving the pigment as well as the work predisposition."  His highly successful offspring and grandchildren are proof that his lines are something to pay attention to.  Tusk is a 3-3 line breeding on Falk and we see a great deal of Falk in Tusk.  Take a look at Falk's video and you may see it too. Click his photo to see him at work.

Puppies linebreeding.

What is linebreeding?  Typically it involves a mating where one or more ancestors occur more than once in a pedigree, while avoiding close inbreeding. This is a hot topic in the breeding world, and like most things dog related everyone has an opinion.  The goal is to concentrate the genetics for the good, but sometimes the genetic focus brings in the bad as well.  The key is to select only demonstrably superior individuals. (which can only be proven by allowing the breeding to happen).  Linebreeding is indicated by generation occurrence. If dog "Jabba" is located in the sire's pedigree 4 generations back and is also located in the dam's pedigree 5 generations back, then this is considered a 4-5 on "Jabba".  We see many great dogs who are linebred, and many who are not.  It is not the only way to breed, it is just one option.  Dogs we know who are linebred are Tusk is 3-3 on Falk, and Chipsy was 3-3 on Chicco.  Genetics is mother nature at her best and worst.  We appreciate linebreeding, and do not mind seeing great dogs represented more than once in a pedigree, but 3 or more generations back please.

Puppy 7 generation linebreeding.
Of course, if a dog shows up twice in a pedigree, the parents also show up and so on into the pedigree.  
We will highlight three dogs that show up twice (or more) within the puppies pedigree.

Tom van't Leefdaalhof
WUSV WORLD CHAMPION 1999, Belgian Working Champion, SCHH3, IPO3, IWR3, 3X WUSV (1st, 3rd and 16th place finishes), Kkl 2 
4-4 linebreeding for puppies.

Chicco von der Fasanerie
SCHH3, SG-BSP placing 10th 1994, FH,  Kkl 1
This dog is one of our favorites.  He is exciting to watch and we do like these lines, although very hard to find in more recent generations. Click his photo to luckily still be able to view his work.
5-5, 6 in the puppies pedigree.

Greif vom Herkulesblick
SCHH3, SG-LGA*2), FH, Kkl 1 
We are going back to the mid 80's to find this 6,6,6-7 linebreeding in the puppies pedigree.  Breed survey says "expressive, harmonious overall appearance, powerful, self-confident nature, hardness, courage and fighting spirit pronounced."
Pedigree foundations start somewhere.