Skeleton Crew K9 Puppies

Scroll down to see pictures of the litter born December 17, 2019. Wait list now open for Spring 2021 repeat breeding.

We could not be more tickled if we swallowed a feather duster!  Our mating of Tusk Toa Toiora and Freya vom Fuchsstein has been years in the planning, and we are thrilled with the results from our first litter from this union.  Our knowledge of the immediate family tree is extensive.  We are breeding for a progression of what we have seen in previous generations:  Strong hunt drives with a determination to pursue even under the most adverse conditions, a desire to bond to handler,  early mental maturity, a bold and positive attitude, willingness to receive training, independent business-like  approach to the task at hand.  Intelligence to know how to use the acute senses of smell, sight and hearing to problem solve in real world applications. A complete lack of belligerence, excessive nervousness or shyness.   
These genetic traits combined with our puppy NIED program has produced some truly outstanding canines.

Tusk Toa Toiora

Tusk is a working Police K9.  He is a certified Patrol Dog , explosives detection K9 and is trained with special operations and marine teams.  He is also an ambassador for the squad, visiting schools and interacting with the public in many capacities.  He lives with his handler and his family who adore him.  Click on his photos to see him visit with some elementary students.

Tusk is one of our pups, coming from our inspiration and foundation bitch, Chipsy vom Calculatorhof.  We are excited to continue her lines through Tusk.

Freya vom Fuchsstein

Freya  comes to us from Spain.  She is exactly what we were looking for in a young bitch to match to Tusk, and our check list was extensive.  Her family tree shows some great dogs including police K9's and world champion Schutzhund dogs.  A click on her photos will show a video "Fun with Freya".

Her adventurous spirit, confidence, exceptional health, and classic lines all combine in a sleek black package that is so very easy on the eyes.  She has a growing fan club, now international.  Freya has obtained her BH/VT in preparation for further IGP titles and also has her SG title for show in structure.  She is pursuing her IGP1 title and once that is done we will be getting her busy with Human Remains Detection.

Puppies born December 17, 2019.  Click on the group photo to see a video of the puppies. The photos are of the pups at 1 week of age.

Happy New Year!  Click on the first photo to see the New Years video of the puppies. The photos are of the pups at 2 weeks of age.

Our week 3 photo shoot with shameless MCI product placement.  Click on first photo to see the video.

Our week 4 photos. Sleepy puppy, warm puppy, little ball of fur!  Click on first photo to see the video, it is super cute.

Our week 5 photos. Pups are getting personalities and names.  Click on first photo to see the video, it is a video introduction to each pup.

Get to know us

Week 6

Click on the photo above of Kessel and Leia to see week 6 video.

Week 7

Click on the photo of the sleeping beauties above to see week 7 shenanigans.

Week 8

We have done an individual video for each puppy to celebrate week 8.  See photos below with a link to the video for each pup.

Week 8 Individual videos


This adventurous girl has tan feet, light markings on her chest and a very harmonious nature.  Her favorite things to do are explore, and play with bite toys of all sorts, including us. Click her photo to see her video.


Calm  and collected, Bliss brings out the awwww in everyone she meets.  This all black girl has great common sense and takes everything in stride.  She enjoys problem solving and snuggles. Click her photo to see her video.


Tail wagging whatever he is doing, this black boy with light "frosting" has a people friendly attitude.  He enjoys play, and is curious about everything.  Quick to learn and steady in his environment.  Click on his photo to see his video.


It’s easy to be a great sidekick when you have all the instincts.  All black boy R2 is independent and problem solving yet enjoys his people time.  He likes to explore and come share his exploits at the end of his day. Click his photo to see his video.

Week 8 Individual videos


This adorable girl has tan feet, light markings on her chest and a very calm nature.  She enjoys a good cuddle and going for long walks around the yard. Click her photo to see her video.

Tusken Raider

Vibrant markings matches this black and tan males personality.  Adventurous and biddable, he enjoys a good tumble with his litter mates and a good meal.  Click his photo for his video.


First up, last down, Leia is a busy girl.  Striking markings and take charge attitude combined with problem solving make this girl quite fun.  She enjoys everything but especially playing with people.  Click her photo to see her video.