Puppies born March 25, 2021

Repeat breeding of Tusk and Freya

We could not be more tickled if we swallowed a feather duster!  
Our mating of Tusk Toa Toiora and Freya vom Fuchsstein has been years in the planning. Our knowledge of the immediate family tree is extensive.  
We are breeding for a progression of what we have seen in previous generations:  Strong hunt drives with a determination to pursue even under the most adverse conditions, a desire to bond to handler,  early mental maturity, a bold and positive attitude, willingness to receive training, independent business-like  approach to the task at hand.  Intelligence to know how to use the acute senses of smell, sight and hearing to problem solve in real world applications. A complete lack of belligerence, excessive nervousness or shyness.  Courageous, well balanced, calm and impartial.  These working lines German Shepherds are suitable for active family companions, many dog sports, protection, service dog, and guardians. We also health test for hips, elbows, DM and other genetic faults of course.
Because of our care in choosing Tusk and Freya for these proven traits and our commitment to the pups with our puppy NIED program, we have produced some truly outstanding canines.