Kessel's Story 

We at Skeleton Crew K9 are thrilled about Kessel's placement with Laura and Randy.  She is thriving under their outstanding care and continuous and varied training. Their commitment to their dogs physical and mental health, happiness and training success is... on a scale of one to ten?  
They are an 11! 

Kessel... in Laura's Words

Never have I ever worked with a dog so willing, so full of natural abilities and all wrapped up in a sleek sport car like agility package.  Her prey drive is high, she possess strong focus and is fearless.  She loves people of all ages, is loyal and cuddly with her family.  Kessel has the vocal range of an opera singer, and the looks of a movie star.

Elliot... in Randy's Words

From his father Satan, Elliot has inherited an intense focus that will make you pause in your tracks... until his goofy side kicks in and he runs away to bring you his favorite toy.  He is thoughtful in his actions at work and at play.  He is independent and possesses strong problem solving skills which are well suited for HRD work. (also may be used to get him out of trouble or right back in depending on the day).