Human bone detection falls under the category of Human Remains Detection or HRD dogs.  Where most HRD dogs are trained on various stages of human decomposition, we are focusing our current trainee named Nos on only human bone scent.  This will allow him to potentially help locate various human grave sites from recent burials to archeological sites.  Watch his progress and once he is certified, we will be available for contract work.

Nos works hard for us, but we have a lot of fun with him too.  The video below demonstrates his name origin and his amazing recall.... turn it up!


Nos has begun to work on scent boxes.  We introduce environmental distractions and offer more choices by adding empty boxes to begin proofing him on his alert. Click on his photo to see a quick video.

Workshops and Seminars

Attending workshops and seminars offers many opportunities to learn, tune up and make new friends.  Very important in this very specialized K9 scent work field. Task: Go check the freezer, there may be some finger bones behind the Haagen Dazs or something.


A must have for any working dog.  Nos has an excellent recall, stay and is safe around children and people.  He is also good on leash and is very handler connected.  All great things in a working dog.