Skeleton Crew K9

We are currently involved with two projects.

Human Bone Detection: Training to certify our German Shepherd Nos for human bone detection.

Puppies! A repeat breeding of Tusk and Freya, puppies expected early Spring 2021. Wait list now open.

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We are unique, just like everyone else.

The Skeleton Crew Story

We could tell you what year this all started, but we can't remember.  We could bore you with the history, but you wouldn't read it.  What we can tell you is that this is the true story of  a quest to find more people who are our kind of crazy and match them with their own noble, bone-chewing, toy chasing, people rescuing, bad guy catching and endlessly loyal creatures we simply call German Shepherd.

Human Bone Detection

This smelly subject is not for the faint of heart.  A most basic of K9 skills is nosework.  We are training our German Shepherds to locate the specific scent associated with human bone remains.  

Skeleton Crew Puppies

There are wolves, there are dogs – and then there are German Shepherd Dogs.
Our current planned litter is due to arrive in Spring of 2021.  
Our "Star Wars" litter arrived December 17, 2019. These puppies were welcomed into the world with much rejoicing, plenty of adoration and a main street parade.  
Email us to be placed on our wait list for our repeat breeding of Tusk and Freya

Our puppies NIED program

No bones about it!  We breed our dogs on purpose, with a purpose and for a purpose.  The NIED (Native Intellegence Enhancement and Development) program allows our puppies the best chance to become partners to humans in real world capacities.  The litter is raised here at our Happy Place until 8 weeks of age under an active mentally and physically expanding learning environment.   At 8-10 weeks the puppies are evaluated. Once this evaluation is done, the puppies can be matched with their potential life path with a far greater chance of success.  Feel it in your bones?  Think you would like to be a guardian home to one our little ankle biters?  Turn to the puppy page to read about the tremendous opportunities and options available.

Human Bone Detection

Skeletons in the closet?  Or in the ground or just lost?  Our dogs are currently in the training portion of our commitment to this nose work oriented job and we are working our fingers to the bone on this.  Long term goals are to be able to assist with location of human grave sites, both recent and historical.  Once training and certification is complete, the dogs will be available on a call out basis to assist Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue and Archaeological groups on an as needed basis.  Follow the link below to see our current progress.

The Bare Bones

We are located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada.  We are Chad and Juli and our life with dogs has been very long.  Juli's family was involved with the Vancouver Police K9 unit when she was small, and as adults she and Chad have helped many dog and people clients through classes, workshops and private sessions.  
Together, Chad and Juli have raised puppies for police, assistance, search and rescue and companionship.   
Chad's favorite dog activity?  Helper or decoy work and tracking.
Juli's favorite dog activity?  Watching Chad doing helper work..... and of course puppy raising.